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From: Irish Political Review: Articles
Date: January, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: The Tussle Over The Protocol
The Tussle Over The Protocol. Editorial
Jack O'Connor And The Border Poll. Mark Langhammer
The Mother And Baby Homes Controversy. Dave Alvey
Readers' Letters: Ivor Kenna's Last Letter. The Anglo-Saxons
Israel: The Only Functioning Democracy In The Middle East? Wilson John Haire
The O'Connor Column : Not In The Irish Times ! Unpublished Letters:
1. Britain And The 1918 Election. Manus O'Riordan
2. Professor Mary Daly's Oxford University Admission. Niall Meehan
3. President Condemns IRA War Of Independence Executions. Brian O'Donogue (grandson of Frank Busteed, Cork)
4. Op-Ed On Housing Solutions. Philip O'Connor
Clearing The Air. Donal Kennedy
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy (Elizabeth Bowen: A Review of Patricia Laurence's Biography, Part 14)
Unionism In Crisis. Pat Walsh
The UK Times, Its Belfast Courts Reports,
And Its Official IRA Veteran STRINGER. Manus O'Riordan
What Is Meant By Socialism In Northern Ireland? Wilson John Haire
Peter Taylor's 'Northern Ireland'. Brendan Clifford
Biteback: West Cork History Festival: What Is It? Unpublished Letter to 'Southern Star', Jack Lane
Political Economy: Dublin Port Rail Link To Mayo Suspended; Modern Monetary Theory!
Destroying The EU And Replacing It With A Clone! Fergus O Rahallaigh
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Wages And Salaries; Tourist Industry)
Labour Comment, How Collective Bargaining Can Benefit Staff, Employers And The Economy. Kevin Callinan (Forsa General Secretary)

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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: January, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: Nationality Real And Imagined
Nationality: Real And Imagined
Editorial 2
Treatment Of Unmarried Mothers
Nick Folley
The Blockade In Numbers
Martin Tyrrell
Sinead O'Connor: An Event In Irish History
Peter Brooke (book Review) Vox Pat: Pat Maloney
An English Catholic! Harvey Du ; The Thirty-Three Irish Colleges; Euthanasia; Demographic Disaster; Social Welfare Comparisons!
The Excuse; Community Blow; Anointed?; Bishop John Allen; Fitzgerald Gregg
The Great Irish Triclour Stitch-Up
Wilson John Haire
That Famous Contraceptive Train!
Martin Dolphin
Unmarried Mothers Prior To Independence Hugh Du y
What Was The Truce?
Lea et, distributed in Cork
Another Irish Cultural Revolution?
Brendan Cli ord
(Review of Eugene Jordan's
How The Irish Came To Hate The Irish)
Genocidal States Of Mind
Pat Walsh
On The Road! George Borrow, Part Two
Stephen Richards

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From: Church & State: Articles
Date: January, 2021
By: John Martin
Title: What is Life?
There can hardly be a scientist in the field of molecular biology who had not read “What is Life?”. James Watson often said that the book had a “decisive” influence on him. The physicist Maurice Wilkins said the book made him “interested in putting physics to work on the complexities of living processes”.

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: January, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: Kilmichael v. Warrenpoint?
NO—there is no substantial ground of comparison between Warrenpoint and Kilmichael.

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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: January, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: Thoughts For The Times (3) Romanism?
Romanism: Thoughts For The Times (3)
What Is Life? John Martin
An Asian Journey. Donal Kennedy
Sir Bob Geldof On Yeats. Brendan Clifford
James Joyce's Nollaig na mBan. Martin Tyrrell
Vox Pat: Two Cork City Comedians: Eoghan Harris And Niall Toibin! Peter Sutherland; Gay Byrne; Births; Metamorphosis! Glitzed! Fewer Irish? Death Of Childers. Pat Maloney
Remembering Robert Fisk, Journalist. Wilson John Haire
Empire And Home Thoughts: John Buchan, Part Three. Stephen Richards
A Very Unsentimental Ode To Liberty.La Fontaine Contributed by Cathy Winch
Rinuccini In Sliabh Luachra. Introduced by Jack Lane
Cork Opera House: Chasing A Hare! Donal Kennedy
Solzhenitsyn's Two Centuries Together (16) Some Background To The Second 'Aliyah (Pogroms, Part 5). Peter Brooke

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