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From: Church & State: Articles
Date: January, 2022
By: Brendan Clifford
Title: Meandering. Brendan Clifford
Meandering. Brendan Clifford
Jesus And The Imperial Power. Peter Brooke
Notes On The Long Island. Stephen Richards
The Murder Of Francis Sheehy Skeffington. Hayden Talbot
Vox Pat: by Pat Maloney (Surveyed; Prince Philip; John Mitchell; Conundrum! A ROSE by any other gender! It's Magic!; Full Circle; Male Loneliness
President Made Right Decision
To Decline Church Service Invitation! Tom Cooper (Report)
Not Much Joy For Unionism! Wilson John Haire
The Irish Christian Brothers AndThe First World War. Donal Kennedy
Storm Over Spain. Máirín Mitchell—An Unconventional Republican Part 1
The Hiberno-Normans, Part One. Nick Folley

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From: Irish Political Review: Articles
Date: December, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: ETA And Sinn Fein
ETA and Sinn Fein. Editorial
Russian Gas. David Morrison
Tullamore In The Irish Bulletin. Dave Alvey
Readers' Letters: The 'Black Diary' Controversy. Jack Lane
"The Treaty That Never Was". Report of Zoom talk by Jack Lane
Ireland's Hated Hero. Donal Kennedy on Eamon de Valera
The O'Connor Column (Haughey: and still the hyenas howl!;
A Bizarre 'Treaty' Exhibition; Covid Conundrums)
Austin Currie. Pat Walsh
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy (Seamus Deane Obituary)
Collins And The 'Treaty'. Brendan Clifford
Popular Fiction. Wilson John Haire (Review of Normal People, a novel by Sally Rooney)
Biteback: Roger Casement (Unpublished Letter to 'Irish Times', Dave Alvey)
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Neo-Darwinism; Darwinism)
Labour Comment, How England Sacrificed Belgium (1914). James Connolly;
German Apology: Sinking of Irish Pine, 1942. Joe Duffy Show
Organised Labour! Social Welfare. Dr. Laura Bambrick, ICTU
In Appreciation of Manus O'Riordan. Wilson John Haire

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: November, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: The Political Arena

The Political Arena. Editorial (Con-Celebrating Partition?; Iran;

Polly Toynbeeism In Afghanistan; What Is The EU? 1

Budget 2022: Not The Paradigm Shift That's Needed. Dave Alvey

Ireland Leads Leads The Charge Against Poland. Jack Lane

Readers' Letters: China: Some Falsification! Eamon Dyas

Methane: Climate Change Misinformation. Fergus O Rahallaigh

Remembering Manus O'Riordan. Two Memorable Gatherings—The Wake And The Funeral. Dave Alvey; Jack Lane; Donal Kennedy

Joe Keenan. Reminiscences Invited

Es Ahora. London Review Of Books. Julianne Herlihy

What Is Socialism? John Martin

A Diet Of Weasel Words. Jack Lane. A Lesson For Micheal Martin And Fianna Fail

Centenary Commemoration Of The Dripsey Ambush. Address by Gabriel Doherty

Roger Casement: Two Caveats. Paul R. Hyde

Casement In Turkey. Pat Walsh

In Defence Of Dorothy Macardle. Biographical Sketch, Part 6. Dave Alvey

A Voice From The Grave: Peter Hart. By Way Of Jeffrey Dudgeon. Brendan Clifford

An Outsider's Book Review. Wilson John Haire reviews Diarmaid Ferriter's Irish Civil War

Political Economy: Public Financial Deficits; Public Finance & Housing

Biteback: Disrespecting The President! Donal Kennedy. James Carty's Histories. Unpublished Letters to 'Irish Times' by Donal Kennedy

Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (The Budget 2021; Slaintecare; COP 26)

Labour Comment, edited by Pat Maloney: Roddy Connolly

Organised Labour! This month's Trade Union News

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From: Irish Political Review: Articles
Date: October, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: West British Former Diplomats and the President
West British Former Diplomats And The President. Dave Alvey
The EU And Its 'Rule Of Law'. Jack Lane
Gardens Of Remembrance. Eamon Dyas
Readers' Letters: Women And Afghanistan. Eamon Dyas
Lord Hutton Reduced The Public's Faith In Judicial Enquiries. Donal Kennedy
Not In The Irish Times. Manus O'Riordan RIP (Ed.); The President And The Armagh Event. Manus O'Riordan; Shared Future? Niall Meehan
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy: Banville And Bowen
Elections In Russia. Yuriy Filatov (Russian Ambassador to Ireland)
The EU Resolution On What Caused The Second World War. Wilson John Haire
Garret The (NOT SO) Good! Manus O'Riordan (Part One)
Readers' Letters: Some Casement Questions. Jeff Dudgeon. Replies: Paul Hyde; Jack Lane; Pat Walsh
'Namless One'. Editorial Statement
Professor Ferriter On Casement And The Border. Brendan Clifford
Political Economy: Trade As A Weapon; Double Taxation. Fergus O Rahaillaigh.
Working For A Multi-National. Contributed by Philip O'Connor
The Atom Bomb. Wilson John Haire
Biteback: Casement: A Reply To Professor Ferriter. Unpublished Letter to 'Irish Times', Paul Hyde. Roger Casement. Tim O'Sullivan
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Sustainability And Digitalisation. Digitalisation)
Labour Comment: The 1948 Dail Election; The Irish Press; MacEntee v. R.J. Connolly

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From: Irish Foreign Affairs: Articles
Date: September, 2021
By: Editorial
Title: Afghanistan
ContentsrnrnAfghanistan Pat Walsh p. 2rnrnEconomics and the European Union (Part Four) Peter Brooke p. 9rnrnA Narrative of the Anglo–Irish Negotiations in 1921 (Part Three) Irish Bulletin p. 18rnrnJohn Wear – Why Germany Invaded Poland p. 27rnrnEU Expansion into the South Caucasus: Ukraine II? Pat Walsh p. 33

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