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From: Irish Foreign Affairs: Articles
Date: January, 2009
By: Philip O'Connor
Title: Japan and WW2: “Asia for the Asians!”
Japan advanced through South East Asia expounding a programme as they went of “Asia for the Asians,” which, as Brendan Clifford writes, “was very different from the message carried to Eastern Europe and Russia by Nazi Germany” (‘Afterword’, p. 192).

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From: Labour & Trade Union Review: Editorials
Date: July, 2002
By: Editorial
Title: Israel's Generous Offer at Camp David
Yasser Arafat was made an unprecedented and extraordinarily generous offer for a final settlement at Camp David in July 2000 by Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, but he turned it down.

This view, assiduously peddled by Israeli spokesmen, is widely believed, even by people who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. It is untrue: the offer was far from generous, as we will see.

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From: Labour Affairs: Editorials
Date: December, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Editorial: Fiscal Rules
No. 334 - Dec 22/Jan 23
Editorial: Fiscal Rules
Editorial 2: The Non-Existent Black Hole
Review Of An Assange Book
Open Letter From Editors
News Personified In France
Low Wages In Britain
The Budget Debate In Parliament
How The USA Botched 1990s Globalisation
Labour's New VET Policy By Dave Gardner
Climate Change Is Presented In The Abstract
Strikes And The Northern Powerhouse
Are Strikes Being Banned?
NATO, Serbia and Russia, Ukraine
ISSN 2050-6031 ISSN 0953-3494

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: December, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Ukraine: outcome of war takes shape
The West-Ukrainian nation and nation state are being fashioned before our eyes. It had until recently been a precarious and fragile development. The Russian Federation on the other hand is a construct fashioned on a very different basis, one reminiscent of the Habsburg Empire, incorporating a multitude of autonomous regions, including 22 republics and other districts and entities defined by their dominant ethnic component, with varying degrees of political and administrative home rule, national languages and national anthems. Few, apart from Chechnya and some elements in the volatile Caucasus and Central Asian regions, have striven to break from the Federation.

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From: Irish Political Review: Articles
Date: November, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Budget 2023—Technocracy and Politics
Budget 2023—Technology And Politics! Editorial
National Questions In The British And Ukrainian States. Editorial
The Reluctant Annexationist. Pat Walsh
Readers' Letters: Julian Assange. Pat Muldowney
Dail Courts In The North. Sean Owens
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy (Sean O'Faolain And Canon Formation, Part 8)
Partition Problems. Wilson John Haire. Review of Birth Of The Borderby Cormac Moore
The O'Connor Column: An Aspect Of Ukrainian Nationalism
The Brian Murphy osb Archive. No. 2, Sean McGarry—Outline of his Life , Part 2
Democracy And The Bomb. Brendan Clifford
New Book On The 1921 Treaty Delegation. Cathal Brugha (Treaty Descendants' Group
Biteback: Illusions, Fancies And Hard Fact. Unpublished Letter to 'Irish Post', Donal Kennedy
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (USA War In Ukraine; China)
Ukraine: While Workers Defend The Country, Parliament Turns Against Them. Irish Trade Union Congress
Labour Comment, edited by Pat Maloney: The Irish Bulletin: Frank Gallagher (1930) Eamon de Valera
Organised Labour: Public Sector; Landmark Outcome; Organise, Organise!

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