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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: April, 2022
By: Editorial
Title: The 'West' v Russia: Unfinished Business From World War Two
The West v Russia: Unfinished Business From WW2. Editorial
Ukraine And The Business Of Surrogacy. Angela Clifford
Vox Pat by Pat Maloney: Remembering Dresden; Phobia; Field-Work! FF at rockbottom? Fair-minded! Wise Words! AE; The British Oath; Enlisting! History; Twists of History; Fermoy's Married Priest; Football Philosopher! The Leinster House Of Enlightenment
Who Are The Ukrainians? Part One: from Kievan Rus' to the Polish Partitions: Solzhenitsyn's Two Centuries Together. Part 19: The Pogroms, Part 7
I Took The High Road! Wilson John Haire
Notes On The Long Island. Stephen Richards
Back To England. Martin Tyrrell. Part 2: Máirín Mitchell—Unconventional Republican
Civil War Without A Civil Cause. Brendan Clifford
The Hiberno-Normans, Part Two. Nick Folley
Thoughts On War And Truth. Donal Kennedy
The Constitution of Eire-Ireland. Angela Clifford (Part Two)

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: April, 2022
By: Editorial
Title: Ukraine: Neutrality Or Atlanticism

April 2022

Ukraine: Neutrality Or Atlanticism. Editorial

The Second Casualty Of War. Jack Lane

Pressing For A Constitutional Right To Housing Is Ill-Advised. Dave Alvey

Readers' Letters: Neutrality And The Ukaine. Eileen Courtney

Ilan Pappé on Zelensky And Gaza; Ukraine. Simon O'Donnell;

Russian Economy. Paschal Ranaghan. German Economy. Philip O'Connor;

Imperial Britain! Eamon Dyas

Tommy Dwyer RIP

The O'Connor Column (Statesmanship! (De Valera); Zelensky and De Valera; Ukrainian Flags At The IIEA; American Glee; Silver Lining?)

Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy (Sean O'Faolain and Canon Formation)

Spycatcher Revisited! Wilson John Haire

The Ukraine: the why's and wherefore's. Brendan Clifford

A Correspondence In History Ireland On De Valera

And The Plenipotentiaries . Jack Lane

Ukraine: The Afghan Connection. Pat Walsh (The US Geopolitical War On Russia And Quagmire Ukraine)

Oh Happy Day! Donal Kennedy (Britain and the atmosphere of War)

Iran: Some Duplicity From The Irish Times. Angela Clifford

Biteback: Kennan Did Not Mince His Words On NATO Expansion (Armen Martirosyan, Armenian Ambassador in London Times)

President Higgins: Too Neutral!

Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Environment—Windmills;

Environment—Electric Cars; Emeritus Professor John A. Murphy, RIP)

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: March, 2022
By: Editorial
Title: Russia, Ukraine And Dollar Democracy

Russia, Ukraine And Dollar Democracy. Editorial
Outlaw States In The EU. Jack Lane
Manus O'Riordan, Ernest Bevin And Sinn Fein. Dave Alvey
Readers' Letters: Letter From A Polish Supporter Of The EU!
The O'Connor Column: Slide To War? Ukraine Crisis; The Sword Of Enlightenment Is Never Sheathed; Secret US Views On Haughey In The 1970s
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy: Sean O'Faolain And Canon Formation
The Fall Of Paris. Wilson John Haire (Book Review)
1969: The Invasion That Never Was. Angela Clifford reports on Killian McNicholl revelations
Ukraine. World Orders. Brendan Clifford
Fianna Fail Centenary. Donal Kennedy
A Treaty Debate. Jack Lane introduces extracts from a discussion
An Example Of Double-Think On De Valera. Jack Lane
China And Russia Checkmate The Nixon Policy. Pat Walsh
Biteback: Neutrality Nettle. Letter 'Irish Examiner', Pat Maloney
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Climate Change: Ammonia and Hydrogen; Petrol And Ethanol; Greedy Capitalism; Saint Patrick)
Extermination! Pat Muldowney reports on the Balfour mindset
Labour Comment, edited by Pat Maloney: ”Fuck The EU"
A Retrospect on Ukraine
Organised Labour: Wage Rises and Cost of Living; Government Package

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From: Irish Foreign Affairs: Editorials
Date: March, 2022
By: Pat Walsh
Title: Red Lines bring High Noon to Ukraine

Red Lines bring High Noon to Ukraine Pat Walsh p. 2

Gorbachev’s Administrative Massacre: Baku, Black January 1990 Pat Walsh p. 7

What about all the Western military operations near us? Edward Horgan p. 11

On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians July 12, 2021 Vladimir Putin p. 12

De Valera, DIAS, the Polygamist, and the Red Pat Muldowney p. 18

EAMON de VALERA By J. L. Synge, F.R.S. p.20

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From: Labour Affairs: Editorials
Date: February, 2022
By: Editorial
Title: The Strange Death of Labour England
The Need for Policies

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