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From: Irish Political Review: Articles
Date: February, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: The Budget Surplus and Political Choice
Budget Surplus. Editorial
Is The War In Ukraine Unique? Jack Lane
Germany And Ukraine. Editorial
Mahaffy Was Here! Wilson John Haire
Readers' Letters: T. 'Sleeping-walking' Into WW3? Sean Owens
Israeli Judicial 'Reforms' And EU Standards. David Morrison
The O'Connor Column (Polish Moves, Polish Dreams; Target: Haughey; Comic-Opera German "coups"; A More Substantive German 'Coup'; Lesbian Nazi Victims)
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy (Sean O'Faolain And Canon Formation, Part 10)
Poland And Germany. Donal Kennedy
Charles Haughey: Some Real History. John Martin (Book Review: An Enemy Of The Crown, The British Secret Service) Campaign Against Charles Haughey by David Burke)
The Brian Murphy osb Archive, No. 2, Part 5: Sean McGarry—An Outline Of His Life, continued
The Treaty War: Why It Happened. Brendan Clifford
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Travellers And The Herd Instinct; Inflation Economics)
Edward Horgan And Dan Dowling Acquitted. Report
Biteback: Sex Change Propaganda On Public Transport: Letter from Malachi Lawless with a Comment by Bill McCamley
Launch Of Ireland's National LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy, 2019-2021
Labour Comment, edited by Pat Maloney: 1917 Sinn Fein Split? James Connolly
Organised Labour: 1923: First Year Of 'Liberty’. O'Rahilly, Alfred (Alfie); Sean Cronin

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
By: Editorial
Title: Stormont House Crash
There is little reason to doubt Sinn Fein's view that the Stormont House crash is "a contrived crisis" brought about by the electoral rivalry between the two branches of Unionism.

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From: Church & State: Articles
By: Document
Title: Eoghan Ruadh Silleabhn

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From: Church & State: Articles
By: Document
Title: Commentary on Eoghan Ruadh Silleabhn

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From: Labour Affairs: Articles
By: Editorial
Title: An Opportunity for Labour
Labour Affairs


No. 314 - Dec 2020 to Jan 2021 ISSN 2050-6031 ISSN 0953-3494

Starmer to Purge the Labour Party? Editorial 1

An Opportunity for Labour

2nd Editorial

Popular Poverty and the Very Rich Persons

by Gwydion M. Williams

British industrial production after World War One by Eamon Dyas

Young People and Work in the Age of Covid by Dave Gardner

What's In the Report on Labour Party Anti-semitism?

by David Morrison






Regular Features

Notes on the News by Gwydion M. Williams

Parliamentary Notes Left-Behind White Pupils


Diary of an Ex-Corbyn foot soldier by Michael Murray





Labour Affairs

Published by the Ernest Bevin Society Editorial Board: Christopher Winch, Jack Lane and Gwydion Williams Website:

Subscription: £20 for one year (10 issues)

Distribution: Dave Fennell Editorial Address No. 2 Newington Green Mansions Green Lanes London N16 9BT

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