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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: October, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: If This Is Peace Then What Can War Be Like?
CONTENTSrnIf This Is Peace [Palestine] . . . Wilson John HairernGaza. Brendan CliffordrnPalestinian Loss Of Land, 1946 - 2012. C. and M. FogartyrnWhat Is Liberalism? John MartinrnRugby. Donal KennedyrnMarie Stopes And The Transformation Of A Culture. Stephen Richards. Part 3: The Stopes Trial And Its AftermathrnThe Hovels Of Ireland by Fanny Parnell (Ladies Land League). Pat Muldowney rnVox Pat: Pat Maloney "Archbishop" Seipel; Those Mountainy Men; Coming Of Age ?; PSNI; Sister Mooney; Sinead O'Connor; Noel BrownernThe Constitution Of Eire/Ireland by Angela Clifford. Part Seven of ExtractsrnWho Are The Ukrainians? (Part 7) Petliura In Kiev by Peter Brooke. Solzhenitsyn's Two Centuries Together. rnrn

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From: Labour Affairs: Editorials
Date: October, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Animal Spirits, Taxing and Borrowing
Editorial - Animal Spirits, Taxing and Borrowing
HOGS Poem by Wilson John Haire
The Labour Conference and the Party under Blair and Starmer By Eamon Dyas
Unleash the animal spirits! The Truss Kwarteng philosophy By Feargus O Raghallaigh
Notes on the News by Gwydion M. Williams
Electricity and Gas in France and Great Britain By Froggy
The Cost of Rail Privatisation By Pete Whitelegg
Text of the mini-budget from Kwasi Kwarteng
House of Commons Debate on Energy
Ukraine’s Borders By Eamon Dyas
Labour Affairs

No. 332 - October 2022

ISSN 2050-6031 ISSN 0953-3494
No. 2 Newington Green Mansions Green Lanes, London N16 9BT

33 Athol St., Belfast, BT12 4GX

Labour Affairs 2 No. 332 - October 2022
Distribution: Dave Fennell

Published by the Ernest Bevin Society Editorial Board: Christopher Winch, Jack Lane and Gwydion Williams Websites: and

Subscription: £20 for one year (10 issues)

Editorial Addresses:

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From: Church & State: Articles
Date: October, 0001
By: Pat Walsh
Title: Ukraine: The Turning of the Tide?
The Turning Of The Tide? Pat Walsh
Irish Defence Forces Should Not Participate
In The War In Ukraine. Roger Cole, PANA
The Ladies' Land League 1881-1882 Pat Muldowney
Hebridean Finale, Part Two: Cry Freedom,Hebridean Style. Stephen Richards
Vox Pat: The Special Relations; Freemason; Late Queen's Wealth; AND Most Important Of All! Roosevelt; Elizabeth I; Apology To Republicans; Italy Leads! Hype; The Story Of Belgium; Pride Flag; Heart And Minds! Chairman Mao!. Pat Maloney
We Can Keep The Peace. Máirín Mitchell— A Rather Conventional Republican. (Part 4) Martin Tyrrell
The Constitution of Eire-Ireland (Part 4) Angela Clifford
Who Are The Ukrainians? (Part 3) Peter Brooke Solzhenitsyn's Two Centuries Together. Part 21

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: September, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Democracy: A Deplorable Choice!
Democracy: A Deplorable Choice! Editorial
Irish Times Sniping Against President Higgins Over Neutrality. Dave Alvey
Income And Wealth. John Martin
Readers' Letters: Jamestown Foundation Reveals Where Half Of Ukraine's Population Has Gone. @Slavyangrad
Es Ahora. Julianne Herlihy (Books, Culture And History)
The Brian Murphy osb Archive, No. 2, Part 3:
The Context And Significance Of The Centenary Of The Limerick Borough
Council Election of 15 January 1920.
A Changing Church.
The Morrison Report. David Morrison (Israel's 'War Between The Wars' Against Iran)
German Perspectives. Herbert Remmel "Are We Up To War?"
German Guilt? Wilson John Haire te. John Martin
2023 Roger Casement Wreath Laying. Dave Alvey
Professor Laffan On History Brendan Clifford
Twists And Turns In The South Caucasus. Pat Walsh
The Mystery Of The All-For-Ireland League. Jack Lane
1923 General Election. Donal Kennedy
Biteback: Big Brother? Eamon Dyas
Does It Stack Up? Michael Stack (Housing, Water & Waste Services, Land Zoning, Health Services, The Government)
FBI And Claims Made By Government Of Ukraine. (Report)
Labour Comment: "A Cautionary Tale Of Humiliation And Moral Collapse"
Organised Labour: The UK National Minimum Wage (Gregor Gall)

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: September, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Misreporting The Tavistock Scandal. Editorial

For many decades the Irish Times and RTÉ have waged an intellectual war on all aspects of Irish national culture. This they call thought leadership. But what is the destination toward which revisionist thought leadership is pushing us? Under the rainbow banner of the LGBT and feminist lobbies, a rich national heritage is to be jettisoned and in its stead we have already begun to sink to the status of a provincial backwater of California.

Sticking with our national heritage, while acknowledging its defects as well as its glories, is a better option.

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