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From: Labour Affairs Editorial
Date: July, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: The making and breaking of Boris Johnson
ContentsrnrnNo. 330 July-August 2022 ISSN 2050-6031 ISSN 0953-3494rnrnThe Energy Crunch EditorialrnrnThe making and breaking of Boris Johnson: 2nd EditorialrnrnBeth Rigby interviews Gordon BrownrnrnHalf Earth Socialism - reviewrnrnChurchill on land tax (1909).rnrnMick Lynch in His Own Words:rnrnthe Rail Strike and other politicsrnrnDavid Lammy on British AirwaysrnrnMark Urban on UkrainernrnNotes on the News by Gwydion M. WilliamsrnrnPublic rights and private land By Eamon DyasrnrnDiary of a Corbyn foot soldier:rnrnBRICS By Michael MurrayrnrnUkraine’s August Counter-Offensive by Eamon DyasrnrnLabour AffairsrnrnPublished by the Ernest Bevin Society Editorial Board: Christopher Winch, Jack Lane and Gwydion Websites: and £20 for one year (10 issues)rnrnDistribution: Dave Fennell Editorial Addresses:rnrnNo. 2 Newington Green Mansions Green Lanes, London N16 9BTrnrn33 Athol St., Belfast, BT12 4GXrnrnLabour Affairs 2 No. 330 July-August 2022

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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: July, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: Editorial England: Behind The Veil

England: Behind The Veil. Editorial
Dennis Dennehy And Pat Murphy: A Historic Document
Cry Freedom, Hebridean Style. Stephen Richards
A Musical Evening At The 2022 Roger Casement Summer School. Dave Alvey
Statesmen! Donal Kennedy
Vox Pat: Executioner Executed; Latin American Catholics! Brits In Europe! Vatican State; The Penny Catechism; Population
Atlantic Battle. Martin Tyrrell. Part 3: Máirín Mitchell—Unconventional Republican
Oxford vs. Aubane Yet Again! Brendan Clifford
Poetry Of The Taliban. Wilson John Haire
The Constitution of Eire-Ireland. Angela Clifford (Part Three). Angela Clifford.
Who Are The Ukrainians? Part Two: Ruthenians In Austria. Solzhenitsyn's Two Centuries Together.

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From: Labour Affairs: Editorials
Date: July, 0001
By: Editorial
Title: The Fall of Johnson and the Energy Crunch:
Why the political parties don’t want to tell the truth

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
By: Editorial
Title: Stormont House Crash
There is little reason to doubt Sinn Fein's view that the Stormont House crash is "a contrived crisis" brought about by the electoral rivalry between the two branches of Unionism.

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From: Church & State: Articles
By: Document
Title: Eoghan Ruadh Silleabhn

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