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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: May, 2011
By: John Morgan
Title: Of Vampires And Other Blood-Suckers
Attention Shoneens. Let you all rise up and unite, for your hour is nigh. Unfurl your brightest banners and raise them aloft. Reach under the bed. Take out those medals. Make sure your shoes are shiny. Heels together. Toes at an angle of forty-five degrees. Arms held tight to the sides. Thumbs in lines with the seams of the trousers. Salute with right palm exposed Learn how to curtsy, bow and scrape. For the news has broken. She is to come amongst us. On the seventeenth of May, 2011. The Queen of England is on her way. All cackling ghouls rejoice. Oh, the Somme, the Somme. Some are put out of pain by this. Others have had their pain increased. The sale of drink will soar, for diametrically opposed reasons. She is to be the guest of said nation. Many citizens believe Her domain still includes part of said nation. Some will be drinking 'for' Her. Most will be drinking 'because' of Her. I might have one or two, myself. Poppies will come into bloom, early, too. But, where will She go? Her itinerary is unknown to me. Nobody told me. Though I admit this does give me the hump, it is not the reason that I am the way I am. Other matters impinge.

It is all so full of pathos. Bathos, too. By the seventeenth of May 1916, fifteen of the leaders of the Easter Rising had been executed. Casement still awaited the hangman. By then, fourteen bodies had been put into unmarked, quick-lime graves, in a corner to the rear of a little known British Army burial ground in Arbour Hill. Consigned to oblivion. (Thomas Kent had been executed and buried in Cork.) All this was done in the name of the ancestors of She who is to come among us. May, it seems, is a wicked month...

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: April, 2011
By: Editorial
Title: Irish Election Result: Labour Opts For Permanent Fringe Status
Labour came within reach of realising its dream of putting an end to "Civil War politics", and establishing a class-based party system at the heart of the state. It became the second party in the Dail in the February 25th Election, with almost twice the seats of Fianna Fail. But it did not have the will, the ambition, to take advantage of success by taking up the position of official Opposition—alternative Government—and putting Fianna Fail effectively out of the game. It went tamely into Coalition again, as if nothing had really happened, giving Fianna Fail the status of official Opposition and boosting its chances of recovery.

It claims to have done this in the interest of the country. It did not coalesce with Fine Gael, and sacrifice its future prospects, just in order to get on the gravy train—Perish the Thought!—It got on the gravy train as a sacrifice in the interests of the country.

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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: April, 2011
By: Editorial
Title: Inhuman Humanism
Something that calls itself humanism, or humanitarianism, is the ideology of post-Christian England, and therefore of post-Christian Ireland. Ireland has become a follow-on from England, and it is therefore post-Christian too. It is ill at ease with the things about itself that are not English.

Would-be Senator Martin Mansergh who, as adviser to Taoiseachs helped Fianna Fail along the path to ruin, has declared that England is not a foreign country. And the Sunday Independent has proposed that Ireland should remedy the mistake its electors made in 1918 by applying for re-admission to the United Kingdom.

Regardless of all of this, England is a foreign country...

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From: Problems: Editorials
Date: April, 2011
By: Joe Keenan
Title: William Cobbett's Rural War: Introduction
William Cobbett was born on 9th. March 1763 in the parish of Farnham in Surrey, where his father was a farmer and publican.
On the idyll of his early life he wrote (in the autobiographical Life & Adventures of Peter Porcupine):—
“I do not remember the time when I did not earn my living. My first occupation was driving the small birds from the turnipseed, and the rooks from the pease. When I first trudged a-field, with my wooden bottle and my satchel swung over my shoulders,I was hardly able to climb the gates and stiles; and, at the close of the day, to reach home, was a task of infinite difficulty. My next employment was weeding wheat, and leading a single horse at harrowing barley. Hoeing pease followed, and hence I arrived at the honour of joining the reapers in harvest, driving the team, and holding plough. We were all of us strong and laborious, and my father used to boast, that he had four boys, the eldest of whom was but fifteen years old, who did as much work as any three men in the parish of Farnham. Honest pride and happy days!”

Though unschooled, he was taught to read and write by his father...

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From: Irish Foreign Affairs: Editorials
Date: April, 2011
By: Editorial
Title: A New World Order!
There is a new law for the governing of States. The United Nations Security Council has discovered that Governments should not resist rebellion by force. A Government which resists rebellion murders its own people and it might even be that it commits genocide.

This discovery was made by Britain and France with regard to the casual, spur-of-the-moment, part-time rebellion in Libya. They put it to the Security Council. The Security Council agreed, and it authorised them to make war on the Libyan Government’s resistance of the rebellion.

What a pity it is that Britain did not realise in 1916 that Governments should not resist rebellions, and that they commit murder if they do.

Under this new order of thought, democracy is established by rebellion...

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