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From: Church & State: Editorials
Date: April, 2020
By: Editorial
Title: A Warning Plague?
A Warning Plague? Editorial
Problems Arising From The Glorification Of A Bad War Brendan Clifford
Orwell, Ireland And The War The View From Airstrip Two, part three Martin Tyrrell
The RIC Have Been Portrayed As A Legitimate Police Force! Hugh Duffy (Unpublished Letter)
Under Concrete Steeples! Wilson John Haire (Poem)
Vox Pat: Here And There; A Protestant Love Song To A Catholic People; For The Birds? Corona: A Reminder! Joys Of Spring!; Diversity In Cork; End of Jewish Chronicle; Listowel; Irish Adoptions; DeV and The Germans; 'Civil War' Revenge; Global Road Crashes. Pat Maloney
Reliquiae Baxteriana: From Baxter To Boston. Part 6 Stephen Richards
Solzhenitsyn's Two Centuries Together. Part 13 The Pogroms (Part 3) Peter Brooke
The Spanish Polemic On Colonialism. Part 18. Theodore Roosevelt And World War I. John Minahane
An Irish History Quiz For The Cocooned! Manus O'Riordan

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: March, 2020
By: Editorial
Title: Is The Party Over?
The IRA fought a war against Britain in the North. The whole time it was engaged in that war, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail held the subversive view that the British State in the North was illegitimate, and was a usurpation of Irish sovereignty, while also denouncing Republican resistance to the illegitimate regime. Sinn Fein brought a negotiated end to the war on advantageous terms for its community. The people who fought the war to an orderly conclusion are still there. It matters little whether they have the form of an Army Council or not. They are of a kind with what Fianna Fail was for a generation after dumping arms—and which it has now well and truly ceased to be.

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From: Labour Affairs: Editorials
Date: March, 2020
By: Editorial
Title: Labour’s Craven Candidates
The candidates appear keen to distance themselves from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, although LongBailey is regarded as Corbyn’s heir. But they can’t escape from his manifesto legacy, now being brazenly raided by Boris Johnson. Following the resignation of Sajid Javid, an adherent of fiscal prudence, the way is open for Johnson and his new Chancellor Rishi Sunak to ditch the Tories reputation for careful management of Britain’s finances

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From: Irish Foreign Affairs: Editorials
Date: March, 2020
By: David Morrison
Title: Trump Draws Back from War with Iran – Twice
War avoided – for now

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From: Labour Affairs: Editorials
Date: February, 2020
By: Editorial
Title: The Route To Labour’s Leader
Review of Labour's election procedure

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