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From: Irish Foreign Affairs: Editorials
Date: September, 2017
By: Editorial
Title: John Bruton and the Balance – of – Power.
The pioneering nationalism of England, which made nationalism the norm of the modern world, cannot live contentedly within its own nationality. It must always be interfering with others for their own good, whether they welcome it or not, and whether it is good for them or not. And it has been doing this for so long, and so spectacularly, with five World Wars to its credit and hundreds of Small Wars, that it is doubtful whether it is something that would be capable of existing as itself in the way that most peoples do. The Times didn’t think so about 25 years ago.

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From: Irish Political Review: Editorials
Date: August, 2017
By: Editorial
Title: The DUP/Tory Pact In Context
Ulster Unionism has come to the attention of the mainland. It is maintaining in Office, by support from the backbenches, a Tory Party that failed to win a General Election. It is feeling important because it is playing a part in the political life of the state, instead of sitting on the Westminster backbenches as spectators. But, if it has any sensibility at all, it must now be realising that mainland British politics, having been obliged by an electoral accident to take notice of it, regards it as essentially bizarre and alien. That is how it is seen, even by the Tory Party which it keeps in Office.

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From: Church & State: Articles
Date: July, 2017
By: Editorial
Title: On Democratic War
Can a liberal democracy, that took two hundred years to develop, and which, with its Imperial reach, imposes on another country the obligation to undergo liberal-democratic development—can it allow that other country to develop at the snail's pace that it did itself?

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From: Irish Political Review: Articles
Date: July, 2017
By: Editorial
Title: The Incomparable Compared
The comparison of the "War on Terrorism" with the war against the IRA has been widely made by British commentators in recent months.

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From: Irish Political Review
Date: June, 2017
By: Editorial
Title: A Pointless Election
Every British General Election points up the fact that the Northern Ireland variant of the British state exists only for the purpose of mischief making. The Election is held in Northern Ireland, as in all other regions of the UK, but the voters in Northern Ireland can play no part in deciding who wins it.

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