List of Authors

ID: 2 Name: Angela Clifford
ID: 1 Name: Anonymous
ID: 10 Name: Bill McClinton
ID: 3 Name: Brendan Clifford
ID: 7 Name: Chris Winch
ID: 5 Name: Conor Lynch
ID: 9 Name: David Morrison
ID: 28 Name: Document
ID: 33 Name: Eamon Dyas
ID: 24 Name: Editorial
ID: 20 Name: Feargus O Raghallaigh
ID: 8 Name: Gwydion Madawc Williams
ID: 35 Name: ID 34
ID: 4 Name: Jack Lane
ID: 11 Name: Joe Keenan
ID: 19 Name: John Martin
ID: 32 Name: John Morgan
ID: 27 Name: John Temple Lang & Eamon Gallagher
ID: 17 Name: Malachi Lawless
ID: 18 Name: Manus O'Riordan
ID: 13 Name: Marion Morrison
ID: 12 Name: Mark Langhammer
ID: 14 Name: Michael Robinson
ID: 25 Name: Niall Meehan
ID: 21 Name: Pat Maloney
ID: 22 Name: Pat Muldowney
ID: 31 Name: Pat Walsh
ID: 23 Name: Philip O'Connor
ID: 15 Name: Seán McGouran
ID: 34 Name: test
ID: 16 Name: Tom Doherty

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